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Plastic lapel pins

Our plastic pins are different! Our proprietary manufacturing capabilities and crafting skills allow us to make pins other manufacturers would never dream of making. Here's why:

Minute Detail in Multi-Colors - We have developed a method of injection molding pins which provides minute detail in numerous colors. The US Flag lapel pin shown has been magnified many times its size without the image being retouched. Notice the exact detail and clean separation lines between the colors (click on image to enlarge). This type of detail could not be duplicated in a mass produced metal pin.

Molded Plastic and Metal PinsThree-Dimensional Relief - Our molding expertise extends to producing three-dimensional relief in a pin. This adds a note of uniqueness and almost real life sameness to the image being duplicated (click on image in enlarge). The Saskatchewan Lily pin shown has been magnified and shown untouched. The individual pieces have not been glued together, they are all molded together to form one solid piece.

Colors are in the Plastic, not Painted-on - Our colors are not painted on in thin layers that can rub off or chip. Instead, they are injected into the resin to provide exact pre-colored plastic. This means that your lapel pin will have lasting colors. Our colors won't chip, wear or scratch.

Colors are True - Our color matching technology allows us to match your exact color. Since this color is mixed into the resin your color will remain true, standing the test of time.

Durability - Besides the fact our pins won't chip, wear or scratch, the metal fastener is not glued on the back, it is an integral part of the molded pin. Your BursanPins lapel pin will look great and last for years.

In smaller quantities, typically 5,000 or less, injection molded pins tend to be more expensive than metal pins because there is an expensive mold required to produce a plastic pin. In larger quantities molded pins are cost competitive and often are less expensive than metal pins.

Typical lead-time is 6 weeks from receipt of purchase order and approved artwork. The quantity ordered will increase / decrease the lead-time. Repeat orders require less lead-time.

Should you require additonal information or a price quotation on a custom design of a plastic lapel pin, click on Contact Us.

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