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Metal lapel pins

Metal lapel pins are the industry standard. They are durable and easy to produce in smaller quantities. Metal lapel pins can be made with many different colors and in different shapes. Typical sizes range from " to 2" maximum dimension. With metal pins small metal ridges are created between each color to allow for paint separation during the drying process. Metal pins have a classy, high quality image. The metal looks and feels solid and has a shiny luster to it. Metal lapel pins are always a treat to receive. If you need a pin for your association, club or company event metal lapel pins will fit the bill.


In smaller quantities of 100 or more, metal pins tend to be the most cost effective choice. In larger quantities of 5,000 or greater molded pins can be cost competitive and in very large quantities are often less expensive than metal pins.


Typical lead-time is 4 to 5 weeks from receipt of purchase order and approved artwork. The quantity ordered will increase / decrease the lead-time. Repeat orders require less lead-time.

Minimum Order

Our minimum order is 100 pins

Should you require additonal information or a price quotation on a custom design of a metal lapel pin, click on Contact Us.

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