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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we often recieve:

Question What are the main differences between injection molded and metal pins?
Answer Metal Pins typically are your best choice for small orders as our minimum order size is only 100 pins. Metal pins are the industry mainstay with their solid feel, shiny finish on the metal surfaces and jewelry-like appearance.
Plastic Injection Molded Pins: Injection molded pins offer much greater ability to reproduce your exact design as they can handle minute detail, three-dimensional relief and duplicate your exact colors. However, the cost of the die for molded pins makes the economical order quantity around 5,000+ pins.
Question How expensive are pins?
Answer The price depends on the complexity of the pin design and the quantity ordered. Check our Stock Products section and review the pricing shown on the Price List to give you an idea of the range of pricing for plastic pins but remember that for custom orders 5,000 or more are needed to obtain reasonable pricing.
Question How do I order from BursanPins?
Answer To order stock products follow the instructions shown in this section. For custom pins either telephone our sales staff, send an e-mail (using the Contact Us link) or send us a fax inquiry (905-839-6915). We will handle your inquiry promptly.