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Custom metal and plastic lapel pins

Bursan Pins was founded in 1954. Originally the company was a hard goods wholesaler. The name Bursan was created by combining the last names of the original founders Leslie Burt and Robert Sansome - Bursan.

In the early 1960s an executive with the company by the name of Arthur Burry pushed the company into injection molding. Mr. Burry was a pioneer in injection molding in Canada and was the creative genius behind the development of the injection molded lapel pin. By 1967 when Expo 67 was held in Montreal Bursan was a major manufacturer of molded lapel pins in Canada.

In 1977 the company was purchased by Edward Schnarr. Since that time the company has focused exclusively on manufacturing lapel pins. In 1992 the company expanded into metal lapel pins. Recently the company's operating name has been changed to BursanPins. This is the ultimate acknowledgement by the company that it is exclusively in the business of manufacturing and supplying lapel pins.

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